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Capelin is booming in Iceland, but marketing and climate change remain challenges.
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18 Jul, 2014
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Will your company be a winner at the Icelandic Fisheries Awards?

Has your company, or a business you work with, launched a product in the last three years that has made a significant contribution to the fishing industry?

It will only take ten minutes of your time to nominate a company.

The Icelandic Fisheries Awards Ceremony and Reception, which will take place on Thursday 25 September and is hosted by the Icelandic Ministry of Industries and Innovation and the City of Kópavogur, recognises companies who work hard to produce a solution to a problem.

The event showcases products and companies who supply to the fishing industry so contact us today to nominate your company or a product that you regularly use. Every winner will receive publicity via e-newsletters, social media and articles on the Icelandic Fisheries website (IceFish).

Some of the categories for the Icelandic Fisheries Awards 2014 include:
-    Outstanding International Supplier Catching (small companies)
-    Outstanding International Supplier Catching (large companies)
-    Outstanding International Supplier Processing (small companies)
-    Outstanding International Supplier Processing (large companies)

Below are the 2011 winners. Could this be you in 2014? Complete our entry form at the bottom of this page or contact our Icelandic contact.

Icelandic Fisheries Awards 2011 "Winners

Icelandic Suppliers
-    Outstanding Icelandic Supplier - Catching (Small Companies) - Trefjar
-    Outstanding Icelandic Supplier - Catching (Large Companies) - HampiÄ‘jan
-    Outstanding Icelandic Supplier - Processing (Small Companies) "Vélfag
-    Outstanding Icelandic Supplier - Processing (Large Companies) "Hédinn

International Suppliers
-    Outstanding International Supplier - Catching (Small Companies) - Amerro Engineering
-    Outstanding International Supplier - Catching (Large Companies) - Transas
-    Outstanding International Supplier - Processing (Small Companies) - Nock Maschinenbau
-    Outstanding International Supplier - Processing (Large Companies) "Baader
-    The Overall Outstanding Supplier "Marel

Icelandic companies wishing to be considered can contact Gudjon Einarsson, Editor of Fiskifrettir on +354 569 6625 or by email to gudjon@fiskifrettir.is

Non Icelandic companies should download the Icelandic Fisheries Award nomination form HERE

or contact Carly Wills, Editor of World Fishing, who is spearheading the international judging panel. Email: cwills@worldfishing.net.

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