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17 Oct, 2011
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Optimism and attendance both up at the 2011 exhibition!

Many exhibitors secured large orders and, not only was attendance up on the 2008 event by 9% to 13,547 but the number of countries from which attendees came, also increased to 52.

There was a general air of optimism at the 10th Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition held in Smárinn, Kópavogur, Iceland from the 22-24 September 2011, with many exhibitors securing large orders at the event.  In addition, not only was attendance up on the 2008 event by 9% to  13,547 but the number of countries from which attendees came, also increased to 52.


On the Eltak ehf stand, which specializes in all types of scales and packaging equipment, representatives were quite happy with the reception they'd received at the exhibition.  They sold all the machines on display and were taking orders for more.


"We are extremely happy with the exhibition" said Jónas Ágústsson, Eltak's Managing Director. "At the last exhibition the whole industry suffered a big blow as the economic disaster hit Iceland at the same time the exhibition was held. We still feel a lot of insecurity among our colleagues in the fishing industry because of the quota-system which is under reconsideration. Therefore companies hesitate with big investments. You can compare this to a baker who needs a new, powerful baking oven, but how is he to make business plans for the bakery if he doesn't even know if he'll be allowed to bake at all in the new year?" Ágústsson said.


Agreeing with this was Gudmundur Bragason, Sales Manager for Sonar ehf,  "In the past three years companies have delayed bigger investments because of the undetermined future of the quota-system," Bragason said. "But all over there is a need to update and renew equipment; we sense a lot of interest in our machines and we are certain we will land some sales contracts in the months following the exhibition."


At Frystikerfi, Landvélar, Skaginn, Mode Slurry Ice Systems and other stands, people had the same story: They were very happy with the traffic at the exhibition and the interest shown in their products. At Ásafl ehf, the guys were not just happy "they were ecstatic:  "We've sold all the machinery we had for sale "and more!" said Jóhann ólafur Ársælsson, Managing Director. "I think Eimskip will need to buy a new freighter to move all the equipment we've sold!" he said laughing.


At Samhentir Packaging the sales team were equally happy: "We've sold all the equipment you see here at our stand," said Jónas Oddgeirsson, Managing Director. "Big companies like Isfelagid, Vinnslustodin and Huginn in the Westman Islands, along with Skinney-Thinganes and HB Grandi in Vopnafjordur all have our machines on their shopping list. We've already sold equipment worth ISK 25 million and have contracts for at least the same amount in the pipline," Oddgeirsson said.


Furthermore several large sales contracts were signed and sealed at the exhibition; Fridrik A. Jonsson (Simrad) made two sales for fishfinding equipment, as had Varma og Vélaverk ehf., and the Fareoese company Rock Trawl Doors sold a pair of their newly launched Sea-Lion trawl doors to Qajaq Trawl in Greenland.


And the ladies at the Logy stand "probably the smallest stand at the Icefish exhibition but also one of the busiest one "were not complaining: "We're introducing a massage-pillows to put in almost any type of armchair "even in carseats," said Margrét Saeberg at Logy. "We've already sold all the supplies we brought, 60 pillows in all,  and since we opened, the stand has been filled with people trying them out. The massage pillows are perfect for the skipper's chair, for relaxation in the canteen, both at sea and on shore!"


Next year's exhibition, the 11th in the series, will be held from 25-27 September 2014 at Smárinn, Kópavogur, Iceland and, as always, will be much more than just an exhibition, with plans for a conference, the 6th Icelandic Fisheries Awards and inward delegations all well underway.

The exhibition will again cover every aspect of the commercial fishing industry from catching and locating to processing and packaging, right through to marketing and distribution of the final product.

For more information on exhibiting, please contact Marianne Rasmussen Coulling on +44 (0) 1329 820474 or email mrasmussen@mercatormedia.com.

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