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25 May, 2011
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Happy 85th birthday, 66°NORTH!

For 85 years, Icefish 2011 exhibitor 66°NORTH, has dedicated itself to protecting the Icelandic people. If you have yet to find yourself in the midst of a blizzard on what started out as a sunny day in June, you might have trouble understanding this, Icelanders will understand perfectly.
66°NORTH was born out of necessity. For human beings to survive in the extreme Icelandic environment, they must be protected from the elements. The company was originally founded in 1926 as a maker of protective clothing for fishermen and labourers in arctic condition.

Since then 66°NORTH rugged work wear has been the first line of defence for those braving the North Atlantic. These were warm touch clothes and great protection against the wind and rain at sea. The weather in Iceland is unpredictable and sometimes downright hostile so these qualities quickly caught on with people on dry land too, and today 66°NORTH keeps Iceland warm in many ways.

Fishermen still prefer our designs, developed through decades of experience and we are proud suppliers of police, firemen and the largest volunteer search and rescue team in the world, which have been wearing 66°NORTH for over 40 years. These are brave people that go out in all kinds of weather and situations. Whether there has been a snow avalanche or an earthquake these people go out to help others without pay and stay out for as long as needed. They can testify on the quality and durability of our clothing. Our outdoor clothing is the street wear of choice for young people and Icelandic children wear clothes from 66°NORTH all year round, just like their great grandparents did.

66°NORTH recognizes that for a company designing outerwear for all occasions, they have the most perfected test laboratory in the world - the country itself. Therefore 66°NORTH draws upon Iceland's unique environment for inspiration combining high quality technical fabrics with stylish technical designs.

Icelanders are long used to fighting the elements while simultaneously seeking to coexist with them. This is why one can see that 66°NORTH is a living brand that has evolved and grown with the Icelandic people for 85 years and will continue to do so.

To join 66°North as an exhibitor at the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition book now on +44 (0) 1329 820 489 or e-mail janderson@mercatormedia.com. Space is now very limited so call now to avoid disappointment.
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